A Puzzling Sandwich and Cool Desserts

A Puzzling Sandwich

The next time you make a lunch for your kids, make it a little special.

Make your sandwich as you normally would. Now grab a cookie cutter and cut a decorative shape out of the center. Set the center piece aside. Using a knife, make some extra cuts to the remaining crust, creating a puzzle like effect.

Carefully place all of the pieces onto a plate or in a tightly sealed bag. Your kids will love eating all the little pieces!

Cool Lunch Desserts

When preparing food for lunches, purchase a bunch of smaller containers with airtight lids.

Now just make up a batch of Jell-O or pudding and pour into each container along with some fruit (not fresh pineapple) or marshmallows, cover and refrigerate.

Now when you are packing lunch, just grab a container of Jell-O/pudding and toss it in the lunch bag.

This is a lot cheaper than purchasing pre-made desserts for your kids.


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