Tactual Discrimination Worksheets

Tactual Discrimination Worksheets

Beginning braille students of all ages can benefit from these consumable tactual discrimination worksheets.

Four-part set of consumable worksheets for braille reading readiness. Included:

  • Twenty geometric form sheets
  • Twenty-six line sheets
  • Twenty angular figure sheets
  • Twenty braille code character sheets

Examples of tasks include: finding the figure which is different in a row of figures, finding the two figures in a row of figures which are the same, finding a figure that matches the first figure in each row, etc. Instruction manual in regular type. Recommended ages: 4 or 5 years and other beginning braille readers of all ages.

Tactual Discrimination Worksheets:
Catalog Number: 1-08810-00

Extra Worksheets only:
Catalog Number: 1-08800-00
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