Accessible Playtime with Rib-It-Balls


These fun balls are easy to grab and have high-contrast ribbing. "Crinkly" fabric in the ribs adds an auditory component. The original latex-free multicolored balls have been designed in two color combinations, making them easier for visual orientation, and are available in three inflatable sizes: 14" (red/yellow), 18" (blue/yellow), and 30" (black/yellow). The 30" ball is sold with a foot pump. Not designed to be used as a therapy ball. Excessive weight should not be placed upon it.

Jacob's Rib-It-Ball, 14":
Catalog Number: 1-07513-00

Jacob's Rib-It-Ball, 18":
Catalog Number: 1-07514-00

Jacob's Rib-It-Ball 30" with pump:
Catalog Number: 1-07515-00
Click this link to purchase Rib-It-Balls from APH.
Click here to purchase Replacement Bladders for the Rib-It-Balls.

The Mini Rib-It-Ball

This 7" plush ball provides opportunities for multisensory learning. It contains a bell (auditory), bright colors (visual), and a pull tab/teething ring for vibration (tactual/proprioception). Mini Rib-It-Ball is not available on Quota.

The Mini Rib-It-Ball:
Catalog Number:1-07512-00

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