Adjust-A-Spoon Measuring Spoon System

Do you ever tire of fumbling around with a ring of measuring spoons? Well, this Adjust-A-Spoon was designed for you! Made of stainless steel and dishwasher safe, you can slide your way to your desired measurement with what appears to be a minimum amount of hassle. I could definitely see myself replacing my set of spoons with one of these when they finally wear out.

No more weeding through your gadget drawer in search of the correct measuring spoon. This measuring spoon system replaces those spoons with one adjustable spoon. Constructed of brushed stainless steel, they have santoprene inserts for a nonslip grip. Dishwasher safe (top rack).

Click this link to order the Adjust-A-Spoon Measuring Spoon System from Bed Bath & Beyond.


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