Call Forwarding: A cure for cell phone static

Have you ever noticed that your cell phone works great everywhere in the world except from within your own home? A friend recommended call forwarding from my cell phone to my land line. It may seem high maintenance, but if you miss calls because of poor cell phone reception, it's a simple solution that saves you the aggravation of shouting through static.

If you contact your wireless phone service provider, you can ask them if they provide call forwarding and how to set it up. Call Forwarding is actually included on all Cingular and former AT&T Wireless rate plans. Chances are pretty good that you may be paying for this service already and you just aren't using it!

If call forwarding doesn't work for you, you may want to consider changing your wireless service provider. can tell you which wireless service providers are best for your area through a list compiled of actual user comments and reviews.


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