Deliver Your Contacts Via RSS

A challenge faced by us all today is that we are a more transient society both in that we tend to change our jobs more frequently while as consumers we also are changing our preferences more easily. This double effect makes it more difficult for us to stay connected with people in our personal circle of acquaintances even with the advances made by the use of technology. Through no fault of ourselves or our contacts we simply lose some of the information which connects us - a phone number, email or regular mailing address - and then we lose contact. How often have we said "I wonder where John Smith is today?"

RSSContact has been developed as an easy-to-use service to overcome this problem of lost connections to whom you desire to stay connected. Now simply and securely you can stay connected with these individuals or businesses as you choose, sharing that contact information you wish to share. The RSSContact solution is designed to be both system and operating system independent with access to your community of contacts anywhere in the world where you have easy access to the internet.

RSSContact allows individuals to share their personal contact information among family, friends, and colleagues - utilizing the latest in Really Simple Syndication (RSS) technology, including RSS channel creation and aggregation. With RSSContact, you will be able to:

  • Share your personal contact information in real-time with unlimited users.
  • Control who sees your information. Ability to display or hide specific fields.
  • Create RSS feeds that show your business and personal contact card information.
  • Invite your friends, family and colleagues to subscribe to your RSSContact Channel.
  • Automatically display changes and updates to subscribers in real-time.
  • Create contact cards that your subscribers can import into MS Outlook (VCF Card).
  • Bypass problems with firewalls and SPAM filters. Your information gets through.

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is technology that allows certain programs called RSS readers to download new content from an RSS feed to your computer. RSS feeds are often found on blogs or forums and contain the latest posts to that blog or forum. An RSS feed can also be found on news sites and contains the latest articles found on that site. Just like an email program such as Microsoft Outlook saves you time by checking for new mail for you and downloading it so that you can view it, the RSS reader checks for updates for you and as soon as it sees an update, it will download it to your computer and can notify you by a popup message or dialog, etc.


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