Drying Seeds for Gardens

My father has a farm with a rather large garden and I receive several loads of vegetables throughout the year. This is one of the ways we keep the good stuff growing.

  1. Start by wiping them off gently with a soft towel, and place them on a brown paper bag, leaving them in a warm dry area.

  2. Walk by and stir them up by hand 3 or 4 times a day--just move them around a little.

  3. Drying time is normally around 8 hours to prevent molding & rotting when placed in a container for storage until planting time. I usually leave them on the bag for about three days to make sure they are really dry.

  4. Put the seeds in a ziplock sandwich bag, be sure to LABEL EACH BAG with DATE and WHAT TYPE of seed. If it was a SPECIAL apple that made a really great pie, instead of just listing the name such as Red Delicious, you could add a note to remind yourself that this was a special seed for something you may wish to make again.

  5. Keep all the seeds, which can turn into a very large amount after some time.

  6. Plant all the seeds and with luck you'll see some growth.

  7. Choose the seedlings your family will use. Any seedlings left over can be given away to friends and family.

Note: these instructions are for organically grown vegetables, produced from a family garden. I'm not sure of what the result would be using seeds from unknown sources or from hybrids.

I have better results by not washing the seeds.


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