How to Clean Candles

You are having a special dinner tonight and have the table set with your best china and silver.

You go into the closet to find your candles, and when you do find them, they are covered in dust and who knows what else? How are you going to clean them up?

A quick and easy way to clean your candles is to grab some rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.

Soak the ball with the rubbing alcohol and gently wipe off your candle sticks.

The rubbing alcohol should remove most of the debris to make your candles presentable again.


Mommy Moop said…
I tried this, and just wanted to say.. it does take the debris off... but leaves another kind behind - an ugly white scaley film!!! I had to pick it off with a fingernail. Best was to use a wetted cotton ball, apply some dish soap and rub, then rinse off with cool water.

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