Oversink Organizer

I don't like doing the dishes. I really hate when you have to do the dishes and things keep falling off the top of the sink into the dishwater. You know, you reach for a rag and knock the bottle of soap in the water and get splashed? Now you get to change your shirt. There must be a way to get things organized at the sink. There is, and simplehuman has the answer.

The oversink organizer is designed to help keep your cleaning tools organized with various compartments for brushes, a bar of soap or a sponge, and even rings and other small items. A vase-shaped channel can also hold a decorative flower. Fits most double bowl sinks.

  • rust-proof stainless steel & durable ABS plastic
  • unique curved shape designed to fit around a single faucet
  • 5 year warranty
  • depth: 15.2cm x 6" width: 91.4cm x 36"height: 15.8cm x 6.25"

Click this link to purchase the Oversink Organizer: http://www.simplehuman.com/products/organizer/index.html.


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