Pruning-tips CD a gardening soundtrack

It's always helpful to keep a good pruning book by your side when you trim your trees and shrubs in February and early March. There's a new way to get the pruning guidance you need -- and you can get it while you rake your yard, commute to work, take your daily walk or pick up kids at school.

A new 60-minute CD audio book on pruning covers most of the basics, and is broken down into 19 tracks, each one a minute to five minutes long. Those short but useful segments make it easy for you to pick up where you left off or to again pick up information you found most useful. Each track is accompanied by relaxing music and the soft-spoken voice of Nick Federoff, a master gardener and host of the syndicated radio talk show "Things Green Garden Minutes." The gardener is also author of "Basic Elements of Pruning," a 56-page pocket guide. It was one of his listeners who gave him the idea to put the same information on CD.

The CD segments teach you about the importance of pruning, why timing is tied to new and old growth on plants, the differences in tree shapes, how to root prune and how to select and use tools, including chain saws, axes and hatches. You'll also hear cautions about pruning too much.

The pruning CD can be purchased through or Federoff's Web site at You can also order it by calling toll-free 800-963-9927.


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