RSS TV Listings

ktyp's RSS TV Listings is a neat way of using RSS. Here you will find a collection of television channel listings for a large selection of channels sorted by timezone. All these feeds are valid RSS 2.0 that you can stick into your favorite RSS reader or aggregator.

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is technology that allows certain programs called RSS readers to download new content from an RSS feed to your computer. RSS feeds are often found on blogs or forums and contain the latest posts to that blog or forum. An RSS feed can also be found on news sites and contains the latest articles found on that site. In the case of this site, the RSS feed contains each channel's individual programming schedule. Just like an email program such as Microsoft Outlook saves you time by checking for new mail for you and downloading it so that you can view it, the RSS reader checks for updates for you and as soon as it sees an update, it will download it to your computer and can notify you by a popup message or dialog, etc.

Click this link to visit the ktyp's RSS TV Listings website:


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