Electronically Monitor Your Children Up To 300 Feet

Curious kids tend to run off or start wandering away before parents have a chance to catch them. Make sure you know where your kids are with the IonKids Wristag system, which allows you to monitor up to four kids at once. This child safety system consists of two components: a comfortable bracelet for the child to wear and a convenient base unit a parent can easily carry and operate. The base unit will monitor up to four Wristags from up to 300 feet away, alerting you with sound, lights, and vibration if a Wristag goes out of range. One Wristag is included with the starter kit; additional Wristags are sold separately.

Know that your children are close by and safe whether you are in the mall or at the park. Lock a Wristag onto your child's wrist and use the base unit to set the range in which your child can travel. The Wristag is equipped with sensors that detect the child's skin. If these sensors perceive an excessive gap between the Wristag and the skin, the child safety device immediately activates the Wristag alarm and sends a "tamper" alert to the base unit to warn parents of the possibility that the Wristag has been improperly removed. In addition, the Wristag contains a strong locking mechanism that won't open easily without the included key.

Item Includes

  • Base unit
  • Wristag
  • Wristag key
  • Octopus charger
  • 2 charge adapters
  • AC adapter
  • Instructions
  • Warranty card

Click this link to purchase the IonKids Starter Kit from the Smarthome website.


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