Harmony Service International

Sometimes life brings conflict. It's good to know that there's someone who can help us through the tough times.

Cultures and communication are like icebergs--90% below the surface of habits and consciousness. This 90% Unknown is structured in upward -controlling levels of the mind, which cause havoc if incorrectly understood and applied. Harmony Service International is here (or travels to your location) to troubleshoot optimal solutions for you in cross- or multi-cultural situations in international business and negotiations.

"I founded Harmony Service International in 1987 as an import/export company and counseling service. I have imported from four countries, was rated most highly among speakers at Department of Commerce workshop in Austin, TX, was recommended by world's top-paid financial consultant Sir Harry Schultz in his Newsletter (#615, p. 4), and spoke at a Wealth Protection conference in Nassau, Bahamas, at which Sir John Templeton and experts from seven other countries also lectured."

"My focus is on how the mind and cultures are structured in order to efficiently and optimally troubleshoot solutions for business and personal problems." For more information please contact:

Dan W. McCarthy
Harmony Service International
Fax: 502-447-7981
Email: harmonyserviceinternational@insightbb.com
Web: http://harmonyserviceinternational.home.insightbb.com


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