How to Become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Become your own boss with an exciting new beauty consultant job with a Mary Kay business.

  1. Find a Mary Kay beauty consultant in your area. To do this go to Type in your area code to find the consultant nearest to you.

  2. Find more information about the business by calling the consultant in your area. She will answer any questions that you may have about selling Mary Kay.

  3. Order a starter kit. The cost of the kit is approximately $100.00 but it is worth it if you are looking to make some really quick money.

  4. Listen to all the CD's located in your kit. They will help you with any selling issues that you may have.

Always have a positive attitude, no matter what. If you do not have a positive attitude, nobody will want to do business with you.

"Dress for success". If you're not dressed well in a business-like manner, then your customers will not take you seriously. Women, expect to wear skirts or dresses to all meetings you attend.

Do not expect your business to take off right away. It takes hard work and determination but if you have the right attitude you can make it work.

To be eligible to sell, you must be 18 years of age.


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