Let PowerPoint Do The Talking

A good voice narration in a PowerPoint presentation delivers the message almost as well as a presenter can. Synchronize the narration with PowerPoint's great visual animations and you have a multi-media stand-alone presentation that can be used effectively when a live presentation is not feasible.

Recording a professional-sounding narration is not an option for most people and a studio voice-over recording is expensive and time-consuming. In any case, a recording has to be synchronized with the visuals and re-recorded in case of changes.

Now, Tuval Software Industries' Speech-Over Studio offers a complete solution: without recording, a PowerPoint user, entering text only, can create a professional, synchronized narration -- quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

This unique software uses a text-to-speech engine to transform the narration script text into a voice sound track that sounds like it was made in a recording studio. Realistic voices, available from vendors in all major languages and regional dialects, speak any text you write. Need to change the narration? Just edit the text.

The resulting multi-media presentation can be experienced with PowerPoint alone.

The software can benefit in many areas

  • Converting an important one-time presentation to a narrated stand-alone for people who couldn't attend.
  • Automating frequently repeated presentations, such as a plant safety orientation.
  • Adding narration to marketing presentations for Web or E-mail distribution or for trade shows.
  • Talking educational presentations that help students learn and review.
  • Building and updating training courses rapidly and easily -- without the professional voice-overs that cost so much time and money.
  • Sending narrated communications to corporate colleagues to express information, plans or ideas more clearly and effectively.

The Speech-Over Studio platform stores speech for an entire presentation and includes a novel speech editor that can copy and paste speech between screen objects. It can integrate multiple voices in a presentation, and produce alternate narrations for different audiences and different languages. And, if you like, you can record your own voice instead.

The user interface features a speech toolbar based on a familiar text editor paradigm and a speech text display panel.

To learn more about this truly remarkable product, visit the Tuval Software Industries website to view an online demo and download a free trial: http://www.speechover.com.


Voices.com said…
While text-to-speech technology is a relatively inexpensive tool, its quasi-realistic imitation of the human voice is still suspect. The technology at present lacks the finesse of natural phrasing, tonality, and inflection needed to produce a seamless presentation. Hiring a voice talent does cost some money, however, they can usually record a project within an hour if it is of a brief nature, for example, a Powerpoint Presentation. When comparing the text-to-speech voice-over versus a custom recording by a voice talent reading your script with purpose, emotion, and expertise, you truly get what you pay for. A computer cannot replicate the subtle nuances, frequencies, and voice the proper interpretation required to convey, persuade, encourage, or instill as a trained, 'live' human can. To listen to real voices, visit http://www.interactivevoices.com . These people all make their living from recording for audiobooks, corporate narration, broadcast, Internet, film, video games, and talking toys. Cheers, Stephanie.

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