The Mozart Project

Welcome to the Mozart Project. Here we will learn all about the life, times and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. You'll find navigation to be very simple. Just use the links in the middle of the page. They are:

  • Biography - Not only will you find biographies of Mozart's mother, father and sister, you will also find a chronology and a family tree.

  • Compositions - You can view the compositions by date or by category. This is a very comprehensive listing.

  • Selected Essays - Read two essays on Mozart. Interestingly, one that separates the facts of Mozart from the fiction of the play Amadeus (a play written by Peter Shaffer about Mozart) in great detail.

  • Bibliography - there are many great resources that this site has garnered information from. Here you can really explore where the information came from. It may even draw you to check a book or two out from your local library.

  • Links - You can get an in depth look on related topics like Mozart's Operas, Orchestras, Scores and home pages.

This is a good way to start researching the musical genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's life and music. For me it was the tip of the iceberg and it led me to explore more on my own.

Click this link to visit The Mozart Project:


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