Music for Your Wedding

The big day is coming. You've worked so hard to insure that this will be the greatest day of your life. How about adding another special touch, music.

Did you know that many couples have used CDs to announce their wedding? You can order a personalized gift CD single of "Friends are Quiet Angels" (The Friendship Song) How about giving your Bride's Maid a CD as a special gift?

There are so many wonderful songs that can be used in a wedding. From the time the guests arive, to the last dance, music can set the mood. Don't worry, you don't have to drag out your CD collection. I've got a website that will have everything you need.

At Wedding Music Central you can purchase CDs designed for your special day. Each song is performed by Grammy / Emmy winners; you can even listen to sample MP3 files of each disc.

Are you thinking of a DJ? Wedding Music Central has tips on what to play and when to play it, song suggestions, how to hire bands & DJs, they can even help you with sheet music.

Click this link to visit Wedding Music Central:

For more wedding ideas, click this link to visit


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