Quickly Clean Just About Anything!!

By Jennifer Shircel

Ok, so if you're at all like me, you have 1 main disinfectant cleaner, a glass cleaner and a furniture polish! I don't want to have a specific cleaner for every little thing in the house!

Now, I've got a great solution to quickly clean the kitchen countertops, the bathroom sinks and counters and just about everywhere in between!

We all either have old cloth diapers we aren't using anymore or have old rags just sitting around the house collecting dust - so use them! I took my old cloth diapers and cut them into 4 squares. Now, take a container, probably something that is plastic and has a tight fitting cover and fill it with your favorite cleaner/disinfectant and water. Now, toss in your cloths and put the cover on tight.

The next time that you need to quick wipe up the kitchen counters or maybe a quick clean-up in the bathroom, grab out a cloth, ring it out good and wipe up your mess. Once you're finished, toss it in the laundry! This is going to save you tons of money and mostly a lot of time having them right at your convenience and saving you the cost of buying all those disposable sanitizing wipes!

Jennifer is the owner of MomOnABudget: http://www.momonabudget.com, a great resource for money saving tips, organizing ideas, quick and easy recipes, home remedies, work at home ideas and much more!

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