Using The Braille 'n Speak Scholar With Windows XP

Braille 'n Speak® Scholar Talking PDA Message: We have the Braille'n Speak Scholar and want to hook it up to a Windows XP computer. Do I copy the .com or.exe files to the C:\windows\system folder or do we need to look for an up date to the software? Location: Kentucky

If you have a Braille 'n Speak Scholar and it is a recent one having a September, 2004 revision, you should be able to install the program WinDisk onto the computer. WinnDisk is on the CD that should have come with the Scholar.

If you have an older Scholar, let me know and I can arrange to have information sent to you about doing all this good stuff with Hyperterminal that you likely already have. To tell the revision date of your Scholar, go into the status menu with dots 3-4-chord (that means together with the space key) and press the keys for the braille letter r dots 1-2-3-5. The revision will be announced. Then, exit the status menu with e-chord, dots 1-5 together with the space key.

Contributor: Fred Gissoni


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