Disability Podcast from the BBC

The BBC's disability website Ouch! has launched a trial podcast that confronts disability head-on in a correctly politically incorrect fashion. The Ouch website - bbc.co.uk/ouch - started in summer 2002. It provides a wider context when reporting on the lives and experiences of disabled people who have previously only been targeted with help and support content.

The downloadable talk show seemingly breaks all the rules in a very listenable 40 minute programme that gives an insight into contemporary disability life.

This podcast is a six month trial from bbc.co.uk/ouch to ascertain what kind of service a modern disabled audience may want and in what format.

Details on the podcast and how to listen are at www.bbc.co.uk/ouch/podcast/.

You can subscribe to The Ouch Podcast free by cutting and pasting the following line into iTunes or your chosen podcast software, so that you always get the latest show:


The producer of the website and podcast, Damon Rose, can be reached on 020 8752 4427.


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