How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Diet and upkeep are two important factors in taking care of your eyes.

  1. Eat lots of fruits & veggies! Carrots, loaded with beta carotene are especially helpful in maintaining healthy eyes.

  2. Avoid wearing contact lenses for more than 12 hours. This can cause permanent sight damage as well as extreme discomfort.

  3. Using an allergen-reducing eye drop during allegery season to "get the red out" and sooth itchiness may help on a limited basis, but chronic daily use can actually make the problem worse.

  4. Read the labels of eye drops carefully; many drops cannot be used while wearing contacts.

  5. Wear UV protective sunglasses. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can harm your eyesight, protection in youth can help prevent loss of eyesight in later years.

  6. Try not to spend so much time looking at your computer screen, now would be a good time to give your eyes a break since you're not doing anything too important.

  7. Be sure to wear goggles or other eye protective wear when working with chemicals or any place with harmful airborne particulates.

Don't just use eye drops because Fred's Head told you to; be sure that they are right for you. While eye drops can make your eyes feel better, their medical benefits have not been entirely proven.


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