Keep The Family Driver Safe With The Charge-n-Start

You may not be able to drive the family car, but you want to insure that your spouse is safe while traveling. There will come a time when your car's battery will need to be charged. Where will it be? Maybe on a dark street, in a parking lot, on the side of the road? Do you or your spouse know how to connect jumper cables? Could you properly identify the negative and positive terminals? There's an easier way and it's safer for everyone involved.

Recharge that battery quickly and easily through your vehicle's AC power port/lighter socket! Just plug one end into the car with the dead battery, the other end into a different car, and let the healthy battery give you some juice! Works just as well as jumper cables, but is easier and safer to operate. The cord is 8 feet long and UL listed. The product features innovative technology: battery level digital indicator, LCD voltage display, and battery tester light.

Click this link to purchase the Charge-n-Start from the Sahalie website.


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