Large Print Check Ledger

A large print check ledger has been created in a Microsoft Excel Workbook. The default font is 36 point Arial, but you can make it any size you want by changing the % of view in the standard toolbar at the top of the screen. If you don't see that then you will need to go to the View/toolbars menu and check standard.

The first thing you want to do when you open the spreadsheet, is save it as a new name, so you will have the original blank form for next year. I suggest you name it something like, "checkRec2006".

You will notice that your cursor is sitting in the beginning balance field. Just type in the beginning balance and then hit the tab key. This will put you in the first row of your check record in the column headed "Date". The column headings are: Date, Check #, Description, Debit, Credit and Balance.

When entering your first check, type in the date, hit tab (for example, you can type in 4/6, hit tab and 4/6/06 will be automatically displayed.) your cursor will then jump to the "Check #" column. enter that, hit tab and you will be in the description column. Enter that and hit tab again and you are in the "debit column". When entering checks, you skip this one -- it is for deposits. So, hit tab again and you are in the "credit" column. Here you type in the amount of the check. Note the next column is headed by "balance." This column contains the formula that calculate your balance, so you never type anything in there. When you Hit tab one more time, the balance is calculated and you will be simultaneously moved one row down and back under the "Date" column. Either repeat that process to record another check, or enter a deposit following the same procedure, but by putting the amount in the "Debit" column. This amount will be added to your balance. There are 1000 rows, enough for the checks one would write or the deposits one would make in a given year.

You will also notice on the bottom of the screen that there are two tabs -- CHECK RECORD and STATISTICS. You are currently in the check record, but if you click the STATISTICS tab, it puts you in another sheet that displays your total deposits, withdrawals and current balance.

Click this link to download the large print check ledger:


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