Online Resources for Locating Schools and Universities

You can find a cross-referenced listing of ALL public schools, private schools and colleges in the USA at the following sites:

Each site allows you to browse by state & city, or search for a school by name and/or location.

Each directory provides the name, address, phone number and other information about the schools in a city. For public schools, you can see the name of the school district, other schools in that county, grades covered, number of students, full-time teachers, and the student/teacher ratio. For private schools, you'll find the same stats for students and teachers, the type and affiliation, and whether it's co-ed, all boys or all girls. The college directory contains listings for all colleges, universities, junior colleges, community colleges and even trade schools.

Each page is cross-referenced with links to public schools, private schools and colleges in a particular state or city, as well as a list of nearby cities.


Anonymous said…
Here's another site I found for locating private schools in the USA.

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