Preserving Oregano

You just went shopping and found a great bundle of fresh Oregano. You get it home, and you are wondering how you can store it?

First grab a large bowl and fill it up with cool water. Break the bundle into the bowl and rinse well. Pick through the bunch and discard any pieces that are starting to die or look decayed.

Remove and gently shake off any excess water. (Don't use a salad spinner as it will bruise the leaves)

Grab a vase, jar or glass and fill with water. You will want a container that will hold the herb snugly with the leaves just above the rim. Place your herbs in the container making sure that all of the stems are in the water.

Grab the produce bag that you brought your herbs home in and gently place over the top.

Place the jar in your refrigerator and monitor it. Every couple of days you will want to check the water, if it starts to look murky, replace it and add fresh water. Trim off any stems that might look like they are going bad.

Oregano should stay fresh for about a month if stored in this manner.


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