USB Data Link Transfer Cable

Picture this. You and a friend want to share some files. I'm not talking about a few document files, I mean lots of files! You have two options immediately available on most Windows based computers. You can either connect the two computers with network cables, which requires you to setup a small network in Windows or you can burn those files to CDs or DVDs, which will take up a lot of your time.

The fastest way to transfer the files would be through a network or by using an external hard drive. Do you have the right cable for this? Do you know how to configure Windows to connect the computers? Do you want to spend over $100 to transfer the files? Why go through all this difficulty when the answer is as simple as USB?

With the USB Data Link Transfer Cable you can easily copy or move files from one computer to another. It's as easy to use as plugging each end of the cable into the PCs you wish to move files between. It will automatically display the drive contents of each computer allowing the sighted user to simply drag-and-drop whichever files or folders they need to transfer. People who use screen readers can transfer files by highlighting the files in one window and using the copy or paste keyboard commands in the other. It's also USB 2.0 compliant and will copy at speeds up to 25Mb/sec.

Click this link to learn more about the USB Data Link Transfer Cable from the ThinkGeek website.


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