Accoona Talking Search Bar

Accoona Corp., the artificial intelligence-based on-line search engine and Acapela group, the leading European speech group, launch today the first information-seeking technology using speech. The Accoona Search Bar is the first application of it's kind directly liked to an Internet search engine.

This application allows internet users to:

  • Unwind: Let the eyes have a rest for a while
  • Save time: Be able to do something else while an article is read outloud
  • Speak another language: Improve language abilities by listening to foreign news, at all ages
  • Learn: A fun interface that gives children the urge to listen and learn
  • Have easier access to information: For those who are visually impaired

Accoona Talking Search Bar is installed in no time. In a few clicks, the vocal function appears in Accoona's search engine toolbar. All you need to do then is highlight the text you want to hear and click on the TTS (Text To Speech) icon: a piece of cake!

Available in English, Accoona plans to extend the vocalisation to multiple languages during the year, in compliance with their development plans. A free 60-day trial of the Accoona Talking Search Bar can be installed by visiting


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