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The Fred's Head database features several articles that attempt to assist you with computer problems, but sometimes a computer tech is needed. You can't have someone standing behind you offering suggestions of how to keep your computer safe from viruses and spyware, but this website is the next best thing. uses cutting edge technology to fix computer problems online. Their highly trained technicians use the power of the Internet and specialized software to securely access your computer. This connection allows them to diagnose computer problems and fix them right before your eyes. Sit back, relax and learn as they immediately repair your system.

If you don't have Internet access, or if your computer crashes, call us and a technician will walk you through the solution to your computer problem. Day or night, 24 hours a day, their knowledgeable technicians are always there for you. Call them toll free at 888-869-3915 or Click this link to visit

Tech Support Alert: is another site to check out if you're having computer trouble. It has thousands of subscribers, and programs are being reviewed constantly. The guy running the site is a true computer geek, he reviews hundreds of programs each month and the best finds go in his newsletter. The site also offers hundreds of tutorials on just about any computer topic.

Click this link to visit the Tech Support Alert website at

Tech Support Via Email

Wouldn't it be nice if there was some place you could email to get free tech support? Well, now there is! Just go to this site. It's so easy to get started.

Just submit your question, along with the name and model of the component you have a question about, to the email address on the site. I would try to be as descriptive as possible about the problem, but be concise too. If it is a computer problem, it is always helpful to include the operating system you are using. Example questions might be:

"I have a problem with my computer randomly rebooting itself. It is a Dell Dimension 8400, running Windows XP. What is causing this? Or "I have an HP Scanjet 4370 Photo Scanner and it is only scanning in black and white. How do I get it to scan in color?"

Many technical problems can be solved through troubleshooting, so it doesn't hurt to ask a question. Check out the site and see what kind of help you can get!

Click this link to visit the Free Tech Support website:


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