Enabling Devices

Enabling Devices is a company that develops affordable learning and assistive devices to help people of all ages with disabling conditions. Founded by Steven E. Kanor, Ph.D. and originally known as Toys for Special Children, the company has been creating innovative toys and switches for the physically challenged for more than 25 years. Enabling Devices still manufactures and sells those same products, but now the company also carries a complete line of products for the physically challenged adult under their "Products for Independent Living" sections.

Through their electro-mechanical assistive and adaptive devices, they enable people with physical challenges to communicate, learn, work, play, and function more easily, effectively, and enjoyably in the world. They work to improve the quality of life for those with disabling conditions.

To order a catalog or learn more, contact:

Enabling Devices
385 Warburton Avenue
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706
Toll Free: 800-832-8697
Phone: 914-478-0960
Fax: 914-479-1369
Email: info@enablingdevices.com
Web: http://enablingdevices.com


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