How do you pick a good contractor?

By Jan Smith

This has been the too-often asked question for decades. What are 10 tell-tale signs to look for when you need a maintenance contractor to come into your home?

This is not easy to answer as personalities vary so much. So, you have to rely on 'gut instinct' and certain outward indicators.

Here is a list of 10 tell-tale signs to look for:

  1. The Contractor or staff member who answers the phone / Email is courteous, friendly and helpful.

  2. The contractor arrives on time for the appointment or phones if s/he is unavoidably delayed.

  3. The person is neatly attired and preferably has the logo of the Business on their shirt.

  4. They stand back from the door so as not to invade your space.

  5. They immediately offer a business card that is professionally printed.

  6. They don't enter your home until invited to do so. They remove shoes before entering your home or they have shoe protectors over their shoes/boots.

  7. They do not have dirty clothes, hands, grubby diaries or smell as if they have just crawled out from under a 100 year old house. They also do not have halitosis (bad breathe) or smell of stale/fresh alcohol.

  8. The first impression you have of them is one of quiet confidence. When you explain your requirements to them, they listen carefully, and if it is not feasible (such as a load bearing wall if you want a wall knocked out) they offer a suggestion or offer to come back to you by a certain time with an option.

  9. They actually use a REAL tape measure for measuring instead of "doing-it-by-eye" if any measurements need to be taken.

  10. They do what they say they will do, in the time they have said they will do it.

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