How to Easily Remove Address Labels from Packages

Are you one of those people who keep the postal service busy delivering packages to your house from eBay or QVC? Do you recycle the boxes that your purchases come in? Many people don't because they're afraid of the label on the box. You don't want your name and address to go "public" via the garbage can. Here's the fastest way to get rid of those labels.

  1. Buy some nail polish remover, preferably in one of those hand held pens for easier application. You can also pour some into one of those plastic bottles used for moistening envelopes, or pour some on a cotton swab or a napkin. The nail polish remover can be acetone or non-acetone, either will work.

  2. Vigorously rub the nail polish remover across the address label. Your name and address will simply "melt" off in seconds. No need to cut the label out or write over it with another pen.

  3. This works for almost every type of professional address label and even works to remove black marker from boxes.

  4. Recycle that box in peace!

The "nail polish pen" (sold in most drug stores) makes the application and rubbing part easy! You won't have to get any of it on your fingers.


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