The Large Print Bookshop: Reading is for Everyone

Owned and operated by Marian Haugh, The Large Print Bookshop is a great resource to find those easier-on-the-eyes books.

The Large Print Bookshop offers over 2,000 titles from all imaginable categories, including Classic Literature, Novels, Humor, Mysteries, Inspirational Books, Westerns, and Non-Fiction. They also offer a separate catalog for Children and Young Adults. In addition to its location in the Denver Book Mall, they also offer their books for sale through mail order. Feel free to look over a sample of the titles available or have a catalog mailed to you.

Books printed in large type can be helpful to many people. People may have difficulty reading normal size print for any of a number of reasons (such as age or vision impairment) or may simply like to read large print.

For more information, please contact:

The Large Print Bookshop
P.O. Box 5375
Englewood, CO 80155
Phone: 303-721-7511
or 1-800-305-2743 Fax: 303-721-7512


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