Pop-Up Hotdog Cooker

I am blessed to have children who aren't picky when it comes to lunch. My kids loved hot dogs, especially chili dogs. I can't tell you the times I made hot dogs for lunch! One problem I always had was heating the buns. They would turn out dry and tough. I wish I would have had this device to help me.

Operating much like a pop-up toaster, this unique kitchen appliance lets you easily prepare two hot dogs (complete with toasted buns) in minutes. To use, simply drop two wieners in the center basket and the buns in the two toasting baskets on either side. Its 660-watt electronic heating coil has four controllable heat settings so that you can cook the wieners and toast both buns to your taste preference. Crumb basket removes for cleaning. Measures 8-1/2" High x 10-1/2" Wide x 5-1/4" Deep.

Click this link to purchase the Pop-Up Hotdog Cooker from Hammacher Schlemmer.


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