The Portable Players Portal

The Portable Players Portal is a list of resources where you can read and listen to material relating to using portable media players if you are visually impaired. The site is maintained by Brian Hartgen and includes links to sources of downloadable music, a link to download the Juice podcatching program, and a Juice tutorial by Dean Martineau. The site also gives links to The iTunes JAWS scripts and The iTunes Window-Eyes set files. You'll also find detailed discussions of iRiver players and players made specifically for blind people.

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Brian Hartgen has also started a new email list called Blind iPod. The purpose of this list is for the helpful discussion of all aspects of using iPods or similar products by visually impaired people, including the software installed onto a computer in order to transfer music or spoken word material onto the device. Although the original intention (and indeed the emphasis) is to discuss the use of iPod products, it is quite acceptable to write about other (what most of us call) portable media devices, inaccurately dubbed as MP3 players by the mass market. Finally, he will allow the discussion of accessing stores for the legal download of music and spoken word material within the context of hopefully transferring the purchased audio content to a portable media device. The transfer of Podcasts to a portable media device can also fall into the scope of the list, but not material contained therein.

To subscribe to this list, please send a blank message to with the word subscribe in the subject line. I hope everyone benefits from this list.

A blog has been started to supplement the Portable Players Portal. It will include information about changes to the portal, new versions of the iTunes scripts, and more. It sounds like a valuable resource.

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