QuietCare for Your Loved Ones

Home monitoring has come a long way since Life Alert: http://www.lifealert.com, an emergency pendant worn around a senior's neck that was best known for its "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" TV commercials. A senior presses a button on the device to contact emergency services. But what if you're too weak to press the button, or you lose consciousness?

QuietCare, from Living Independently, is a service that monitors wireless sensors placed in the most frequently used areas of the home, including the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and medicine cabinet. QuietCare spends several days creating an "electronic map" of a person's behavior; when they wake up, how frequently they use the bathroom, when they eat, their general activities of daily living. Once the software determines a person's daily routine, it checks for anomalies in behavior, such as if someone fails to get out of bed in the morning. It also detects nonemergencies that may require medical attention. For example, if a client ordinarily uses the bathroom once a night, but suddenly starts using the bathroom five times a night, that could be a sign of a urinary tract infection or an adverse reaction to medication.

The QuietCare station can collect information from the sensors and post its findings daily to a Web site for relatives and the client's doctor to review. The hardware and installation cost around $199, and the monitoring service is $83 to $93 a month.

Click this link to visit the company's Website at: http://www.quietcaresystems.com or call 866-216-4600 for more information.


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