The Well Adjusted Campaign

What on earth is the Well Adjusted Campaign?

Well, it's all about web accessibility for people with communication disabilities; dyslexia, poor or partial vision, and visual stress. Launched in a partnership between the British Dyslexia Association and the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators that aims to raise awareness of the fact that businesses are currently missing out because nearly 20% of their customers can't use their inaccessible websites. They've also published their Top 10 Reasonable Adjustments to make sites and marking communications accessible.

The Well Adjusted Campaign site has information on how you can join the campaign, plus a special toolbar you can download to make reading on the web much, much easier. Worth checking out.

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Jake said…
This looks interesting. Altouh I am no a resident of te UK I will check this out. I think web accessibility is crucial t our sccess.

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