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I was looking through some older movies that I have at home and came to the realization that I'll never watch those things again. I don't want to throw them away or simply donate them to a thrift store. A quick Google search of the net braught me to Swaptree.

With Swaptree's multiple-way trade algorithms, you're instantly shown thousands of items that you could receive in trade for any item. So you don't spend time searching for potential trades, negotiating a trade with another user, or messing with some sort of point system. Just list some items that you want to trade and Swaptree will show you everything you can get for them.

You're not charged for listing or trading items. Your only expense is paying the shipping of your item. Use the post office's Media Mail service and you can send everything for less than $2. Better yet, if you want, they'll try to find a trade for you with a Swaptree member right down the street, or with one of your friends or co-workers, so you can forget about postage and hand your item over in person.

Just enter the UPC or ISBN code that is on the back of every CD, book, video game or DVD, and Swaptree will find the correct item details: edition, release, version, paperback/hardback, normal/widescreen, etc.

You don't even have to worry about going to the post office. you can print accurate postage and perfect mailing labels directly from Swaptree. Don't worry about calculating the weight, or entering the correct shipping or return address, it's all done for you.

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