How to Organize a Home Poker Game

Organizing a home poker game is an excellent way to bring friends, as well as people who don't know one another, together. Gambling in your home is illegal in most states. Check out state law on this subject.


  1. Survey friends by e-mail to find those interested in playing poker.
  2. Invite six to nine of those interested. Ask them to bring friends to the game.
  3. Choose to play a simple poker variation that people already know or can learn easily.
  4. E-mail, in advance, the rules to the players who are unfamiliar with the game.
  5. Buy at least two decks of braille playing cards and some accessible poker chips.
  6. Prepare snacks the day before and set them out 1 hour before people arrive.
  7. Don't forget the tunes!

Invite more people than necessary. Invariably, people will cancel, and it is more fun to play with at least six players.


  1. Seat everyone around the table.
  2. State the rules and house policies briefly.
  3. Shuffle and deal the cards.
  4. Rotate the deal so that everyone has this responsibility.

Seat people who don't know each other next to each other. Home poker games are a great way to meet folks.

Allow players to take breaks so that they can have conversations away from the table and play doesn't get too monotonous.

End of the Evening

  1. Survey the players to find out who would be interested in playing regularly.
  2. Create an e-mail list of those players.

Try to organize poker games on a regular basis, such as once a month.


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