How to Play Scrabble Scramble

You and the kids are bored. You play the same old games every day. This time, take an old game and make it new.

Get out your box of scrabble, and take out the letters only and set aside the board.

Place all of the letters face down on the table. Allow plenty of room for each player as they will be making their own grid.

Let each player take 5 tiles. When you say GO! Each player will try to make a word.

The first player to make a word yells GO!

Each player now draws a letter from the box. The one that already has a word built can build on the word or making a grid like on the scrabble board, make a new word. The ones that don't already have a word, keep working on their first word.

When someone makes a word, they yell GO! again, and everyone takes a new letter.

This continues until a player uses up all the letters in their hand.

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AC said…
Thanks for making it so easy to play the game. I just got to know about a site that helps you play scrabble, also. It is great for help with words.

Try it at

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