Keep Your Electronics Safe with Datadots

When I finally bought a notetaker, it was after 2 years of waiting for the "right" model to come along. But my troubles failed to cease - for along came the fear of getting my precious one nicked. There isn't a truly comprehensive insurance scheme available for portable electronics as yet, so I recommend that you take a look at Datadots.

The Datadots DNA kit contains a bunch of tiny dots suspended in adhesive which you smear on your beloved gadgets. Each dot within the kit contains the same unique serial number which you register at the Datadots site. The idea is that if the device is stolen and is recovered by police, they can trace it back to you.

Wondering what's the use of Datadots once the device is already stolen? For one, the police can definitely tell if the gadget is stolen. If you are a persistent gluer, you can also stick the dots in different places on the gadget (though it is recommended to smear the glue mostly on the inside of the gadget to keep it looking pretty). A major deterrent for thieves is that they will end up with a very ugly gadget if they try scraping off all the dots. The glue also contains warning stickers to highlight that the gadget has been marked against theft.

Datadots are being used by car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Ford Australia to reduce car thefts, and by several corporations and leading manufacturers as well.

Check out the Datadots global website for further information:


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