Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboard

The Keys-U-See large print keyboard by The Key Connection, is designed specifically to reduce the stress and strain a visually impaired person has to grapple with when he or she is using a computer. From the ABCs to the numbers and the punctuation marks, each key in the keyboard is labeled with the largest print that will fit the keycap.

This user-friendly keyboard also has hot keys for emailing and navigating the internet and multi-media control keys. Power control and energy-saving options are also right on the keyboard. Another useful feature is that the directional navigation keys (or arrow keys) are molded so that each is recognizable by touch. The Keys-U-See keyboard is available in ivory with large black print, black with large white print for low light situations, and also black with yellow keys and large black print. Note that these color combinations are chosen for their visibility factor.

With all it has going for it, the Keys-U-See keyboard is sure to gain quick acceptance, if not advocacy, among senior citizens, low vision organizations, schools and other educational establishments. And for companies and government departments implementing Assistive Technology adaptations in the workplace, Keys-U-See is an affordable solution.

For the millions of visually impaired persons, The Keys-U-See keyboard makes using the computer easy again!

If you would like more information about the Keys-U-See large print keyboard, contact:

Ron Pusl
The Key Connection
Phone: 928-340-3404


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