Orb takes the home out of home entertainment

Orb gives you secure access to your digital media from your home computer through a simple Web interface. Stream your live TV, photos, music and videos to any Web-enabled device.

Use Orb to find your music, photos, video and Webcams. If your PC has a TV tuner, you can watch live or recorded TV.

Open a browser and log into your Orb account from any Web-enabled device and enjoy streaming your digital world. Whether you're using your mobile phone, PDA, or laptop, Orb is simple to use. After installing Orb Media on your home PC:

  1. Open Orb on your Web-enabled device (mobile phone, PDA, laptop, remote PC).
  2. Login and select your media (TV, Photo, Audio, Video, Web).
  3. Orb streams your selection from your home PC.

Click this link to learn more about Orb: http://www.orb.com.


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