Recharge Your USB Gadgets While Inflight

If you have lots of gadgets and gizmo's that recharge with a USB port and you fly a lot, this is THE gadget accessory for you.

Even economy class has headphone jacks, what if you could recharge your USB gizmo's through that headphone jack? This is a must have for geeks who love to travel.

Inflight Power has a slick adapter that you plug into the headphone jack on the airliner that can power and charge your USB devices. At only 12 ounces, it won't take up a lot of the already limited space you are allotted for carry on items.

The adapter works by allowing a trickle charge from the headphone jack to build up over about 3-5 minutes inside the adapter. Once done enough power is stored to power whatever is connected for about one minute, then the process starts over again.

The device sells for around $35 in a variety of configurations. If you are looking to charge a cell phone, you'll need a particular adapter. Your MP3 player will obviously use another type. The unit uses Gomadic's TipExchange, allowing you to attach different tips for different devices.

Click this link to learn more about the Inflight USB Power Unit from Inflight:


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