The Resume: Objectives

By Rachel Whitmire

The objective is listed as optional in a lot of resume manuals, but I disagree. The point of your resume objective is to explain what kind of position you are seeking. Especially if you are sending your resume to a variety of employers, it is important that it be obvious why you have sent the resume to that particular company. What better way to do that then to write your purpose directly on the resume?

Some people are a little scared of writing an objective, but it isn't very difficult. Basically, you want to say what kind of job you are hoping to find. The main thing to remember is not to use "I" at the beginning of your objective. Here are some examples that you can modify to fit your particular skills and interests:

  • Seeking a position as a customer service representative.
  • To find a position as an automobile repair technician.
  • Seeking a position where I can use my skills in customer service and sales to better the company and improve myself.
  • Seeking a position in a challenging and progressive environment.
  • To use my skills as a medical assistant in an active and growing office environment.

The important thing to remember when you are creating these statements is to be positive. Talk about what you can do for the company and bring up skills that can benefit the company.

Once you are more confident with the idea of an objective, then you can expand to talk about more skills or your goals for your particular field. Here are some examples of this longer, expanded type of objective:

  • To obtain a position where I can use my skills and experience in customer service and sales to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • To achieve a position where I can utilize my strong background in social service, as well as my experience and training in education, to contribute to the mental, social and physical development of students with special needs.

  • To achieve a position in a social services organization where I can utilize my interpersonal and organizational skills in order to reach individuals with services that will improve their day to day lives and help them to realize their goals of independence and a better quality of life.

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