Spooky Halloween Party Ideas

Games and Activities

Finding good Halloween party games and activities for blind and visually impaired children shouldn't be hard. Why not have a Pumpkin Roll at your party? This makes a great outdoor activity. You'll need to stockpile a few uncarved pumpkins that are fairly rounded. Then have kids volunteer to join the race. Assign each racer a pumpkin and tell them that at the start of the race they will roll their pumpkin to the end of the course (which you design in length and number of obstacles) and back to their original starting positions. Those racers who come in first, second and third place get to keep the pumpkin they raced with.

Another great activity is the round robin spooky story. Have the kids sit in a circle after its dark out and give them a flashlight. Start off the round robin with an opening passage of a spooky story then hand off the flashlight to the person to the left and have them continue the story where you left off. When they feel they've reached a stopping point they pass the flashlight again. When the story reaches an end a new story can be started up by the next child. The great thing about this activity is that it can go on indefinitely.

"Handy" Punch for Halloween

If you want to liven up your punch a bit at your next Halloween party, go to your local medical supply store and pick up a box of latex (or non-latex) disposable gloves.

Take out a few of the gloves and rinse them inside and out well with warm water to remove any powder.

Fill the gloves with water or colored juice (different color than your punch) and tightly seal the end using a chip clip or other method.

Place the glove onto a cookie sheet and place into the freezer. Freeze at least 3 hours until frozen solid.(preferably make up the night before)

When you have your punch made and guests arriving, remove the "hands" from the freezer and rinse under warm water to loosen up the glove. Remove the glove from the ice hand and place in your punch bowl.

Halloween Ice Ring

Making a creepy ice ring is a snap and will liven up any punch. Find a Ring jello mold or use any cake pan that you might have that will fit inside your punch bowl comfortably.

  1. Arrange 1 - 2 cups of gummy worms, candy corn or candy pumpkins into the bottom of the cake pan/ring.

  2. Add 1 quart of colored punch of choice. Best choices to really stand out are to use a contrasting color of your punch. If you have green punch, use lemonade or pineapple juice, if you have red punch use orange kool aid or other like drink.

  3. Place the cake pan/ring into the freezer and freeze until solid, at least over night.

Fingers of Fright

This recipe is easy and the outcome is cute for your Halloween display of spooky goodies.

Things You'll need

10 red jelly beans (or other "finger nail" colors)
20 orange circus peanut decorative candies

Cut the jellybeans in half lengthwise. Press a jellybean half into the end of the circus peanut to resemble a finger.

Punch In A Hurry

The next time you are having a get together and you can't find your trusty punch recipe just combine a large container of fruit juice with a 2 liter bottle of ginger ale.

Cold Halloween Treats

Going to be a cold and blustery Halloween? Stock up on some instant soup mix or hot chocolate. Now when the little goblins stop by your house they will be surprised with an unexpected treat.

When they get home from trick or treating mom or dad can heat up some water and they can have a warm treat while sorting through their candy.


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