Update Those Pages

Do you visit the same Web sites often? Or maybe there's a site that you visited a long time ago and you'd like to go back to it. Either way, you're going to want to see the most updated version of that site, right? Well, of course, who wouldn't?! As long as you have that particular site stored in your system, you can use this next tip.

To ensure you always get the most recently updated site, you just have to change a quick setting in Internet Explorer. You'll want to go to Tools by either clicking on it with your mouse, or by hitting ALT+T. Arrow down or click on Internet Options. Once in there, look for the Temporary Internet Files section and click on the Settings button. A new box will appear and at the top, there is a section that says "Check for newer versions of stored pages:." This is where you can choose which option is best for you. In this case, the most practical would be "Every visit to the page." With this option checked, IE will check for the newest version of the site every time you visit.

You can choose to have Internet Explorer automatically run your option or you can choose to not do it at all. Choose which one you prefer and click OK twice.


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