Virtual Pencil: Arithmetic

Virtual Pencil-Arithmetic is a Windows based software program that enables individuals to solve math problems in all four operations on the computer, including working with fractions and decimals. This type of program is a must for students or adults who have difficulty writing and/or aligning numbers for any reason, as well as individuals who are visually impaired. Virtual Pencil displays the arithmetic problem vertically, the way it might be presented on a math worksheet or a whiteboard. The program has two modes, tutor mode and test mode; the tutor mode can be used as a teaching/learning support, the test mode can be used for independent and application work.

For more information, contact:

Henter Math
Toll Free: 888-533-MATH
(6284) Phone: 727-347-1313
Demo version available for download from website.


Anonymous said…
I've used the evaluation version of Virtual Pencil before and I think it's a great program. Unfortunately I don't currently have enough money to purchase the full version. But I also talked with Ted Henter's daughter on the phone and told her how nice and useful I thought the program was.

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