Wooden Playing Card Tray

Here's a must-have for any card player! This perfectly-crafted wooden playing card tray has two separate cavities - one for the Discard pile and another for the Pick-Up stack. (That's right: as soon as you have this attractive card-playing accessory, you'll be able to do away with those annoying round bowls which never hold the cards properly - or the tall, tippy piles of cards on the table which always seem to get knocked over and mixed up.)

What's more, the dimensions of each section in the tray are just the perfect size for any standard deck of braille cards or Uno cards. And the sides on this tray are much higher than those on the plastic ones you'll find in stores, so the added thickness of Braille dots on the cards won't be a problem at all.

This Playing Card Tray effortlessly accommodates games which use one or two complete decks of cards. Newby card players and experienced card sharks alike will fall in love with this handsome all-wood card holder, which makes a great little gift for that somebody who already seems to have everything!

Click this link to purchase the Playing Card Tray from Future Aids.


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