Boostaroo Portable Headphone Amplifiers

As a parent I understand the idea of preventing my children from doing things that could cause them difficulty later in life. My parents did the same for me.

I was a music nut as a child. I always had a stereo playing and at night, I would adorn those large headphones that made me look like something from another world to keep the music pumping. My mother always said that I'd be deaf someday but I just cranked them up that much louder.

My children are the same way. My oldest son listens to music with his portible MP3 player and it's so loud that I can hear it when we're in the same car. When I think of saying something to him, I'm reminded of my parents. Don't you hate that? You can hear yourself and the younger voice of one of your parents at the same time, saying the same thing as you say it to your child.

Anyway, I was listening to some tunes on the bus the other day and wanted to crank things up a bit. I went for the volume only to find out that I was at the max. I guess I must have had a terrible set of earbuds on that day. I really could have used the Boostaroo Portable Headphone Amplifier.

Boostaroo makes several models of amplifiers, two of which are capable of providing a whopping 400% increase in volume. Digital compression, enhanced spatial imaging and surround sound add to the experience. All models include a "splitter" allowing a friend to plug in. So, as my parents would say, now you and your friend can go deaf in tandem.

Click this link to check out the various models of headphone Amplifiers and Splitters at and crank it up!


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