Cleaning the Pool is Like Paradise

I've always wanted an above ground pool but I don't want to clean one. I've had pools in the past that were small enough that they didn't need a filtering system but bigger than what I wanted to clean. This little device sure would be helpful for anyone who either has a pool, or like me, is thinking of getting one.

The Paradise Spa Vac cleans your pool or spa without batteries or pumping, and it doesn't need to be connected to a hose or drain. Using a simple suction method, this extendable pool cleaner removes all the debris that sinks in the water, leaving behind only clean, filtered water.

To remove unwanted debris from your pool or hot tub, simply place your finger over the Paradise Spa Vac's end cap. Place the pool cleaner in the water and release your finger, and all unwanted debris will collect in the clear chamber. When you lift the Spa Vac out of the water, clean, filtered water automatically drains out, leaving the debris in the chamber. To empty the contents, simply twist off the lower cup.

Click this link to purchase the Paradise Spa Vac from the Smarthome website.


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